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Quentin Challier was born in France and was only 5 years old when he arrived in a new world, the Dominican Republic.


Growing up in the Caribbean allowed him to develop a double culture between Latin America and Europe. Fascinated by Hip-Hop he acquired a fascination for high fashion and the characters around music.

In his work he renders homage to the Dominican culture by bringing visual content of the local way of life in a mix of commercial and editorial photography.

His last projects are built like a true declaration of love for the country that has received me, and that he considers home.


In ‘’Made In RD’’ he allies high fashion photography by bringing models in the day-to-day routine of the DR. His goal is to create contrast by bringing fashion in a popular environment.

Then in his project ‘’Faces of the Movement’’ a series of portraits of the Dominican urban scene, he documents the life of the artists of this industry. By creating unique portraits with every artist, building a personalized set up with them. His purpose is to associate these artists behind a common project in a divided industry.

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